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Episode 14 – Sales Transformation: Geoff’s Jihad On Outcome Selling – Featuring: Geoffrey Moore, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Advisor
Episode 13: Here’s The Secret To The Perfect Sales Moment (Part 2) – Featuring: J.B. Wood, Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA)
Episode 13: Is It Time For The RFP To RIP? How The B2B Sales Process Is Changing (Part 1) – Featuring: J.B. Wood, Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA)
Episode 12: What’s The Next Big Thing For The Guy Who Usually Discovers The Next Big Thing? – Featuring: Keith Krach, DocuSign
Episode 11: What Is Social Selling? (Hint: It’s Not The Same As Social Media) – Featuring: Jill Rowley, Marketo
Episode 10: Heroes, Villains, And Mentors–Storytelling For Sales – Featuring: Nancy Duarte, Duarte, Inc.
Episode 9: Empathy And Sales – Featuring: Brent Adamson, Gartner
Episode 8: From Relay Race To Rugby Scrum: The New Dynamic Of Sales, Marketing, And Customer Success – Featuring: Steve Silver, SiriusDecisions
Episode 7: The Neuroscience Of Trust – Featuring: Paul Zak, Author
Episode 6: A SWAT Team Mixing Baby Bottles & An Outward Mindset – Featuring: Chip Huth, Kansas City, Missouri Police Department
Episode 5: Oprah, Girl Scouts, And Black Swans – Featuring: Chris Voss, Black Swan Group
Episode 4: Coaching Sports And Mastering Coffee – Featuring: Glenn Hartman, Starbucks
Episode 3: Maslow’s Hierarchy And Elements Of Value – Featuring: Eric Almquist, Bain & Company
Episode 2: Meet Your New Customer – Featuring: Mary Shea, Forrester
Episode 1: Rise Of The Value Broker – Featuring: Andrew Wilson, Accenture