Advisory Ecosystems

We created Advisory Ecosystems to bring together an elite peer group of professionals at world-class companies who want to improve the acquisition, retention, and growth of customer accounts by partnering on the attainment of business outcomes. The Advisory Ecosystem Members meet to share emerging best practices, industry trends, and outcome selling strategies.

The Outcome Selling Advisory Ecosystem is comprised of thought leaders in executive leadership, sales leadership, and value management.

The Public Sector Sales Advisory Ecosystem is made up of sales executives who have the experience and expertise in understanding the unique outcomes desired by the public sector and the strategies for success in this arena.

Over time, we shall continue to expand and evolve Advisory Ecosystems based on emerging market trends, as well as members’ interests and expertise.

Outcome Selling Advisory Ecosystem Members

Executive Leadership



Bill Welch
President & Chief Operating Officer
Duo Security



Jim Walsh
Chief Executive Officer
GE Grid Software Solutions

Sales Leadership



Cate Gutowski
Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Services
Panasonic Avionics

Value Management



Tom Quillin
Chief Technology Officer, Security Economics



George Estrada
Chief Technology Officer



Steve Kaplan
Vice President, Customer Success Finance



Ben Allard
Vice President, Strategic Accounts



Brian de Lemos
Regional Vice President
RSA NetWitness Threat Detection and Response



Vinicius David
Senior Director, Global Device-as-a-Service



Peter Smerald
Director, Value Engineering



Caroline Ruggiero
Director, Engagement Value Group



Joern Linnemann
Consulting Services Manager



Brian Ingold
Regional Manager, Managed Print Services

Public Sector Sales Advisory Ecosystem Members



Todd Gustafson
President, HP Federal, LLC &
Vice President, HP US Public Sector Sales



Robert Makheja
President & Chief Executive Officer
MFGS, Inc.



Ken Kartsen
Vice President, Public Sector



Tom Kennedy
Vice President & General Manager, Veritas Public Sector



Ned Miller
Chief Technology Strategist for US Public Sector